Care and handling of mushrooms


Care and Handling for Consumers

  • Select Mushrooms without visible moisture on the outside or in the pack
  • To store bulk/loose mushrooms, place in a paper bag or keep in the original package and refrigerate.
  • Mushrooms with open veils have more intense flavor and are usually better when refrigerate cooked
  • To clean mushrooms, use remove any traces of peat moss or soil; or rinse quickly and a soft brush to
  • Soaking fresh pat dry mushrooms or rinsing open veiled mushrooms may add excess moisture.


Care and handling for Retail

  • Reducing farm to shelf time as well as high temperature flucuations
  • Working with retailers to lower mushroom display case temperatures.
  • Initiating activity with retailers to train produce managers to be more aggressive in rotating displays, culling poor product.
  • Improving store ordering procedures to reduce back room carryover inventory.


Care and handling for Food service

  • Refrigerate fresh mushrooms immediately upon receipt.
  • Store between 34 F and 38 F.
  • Keep in original shipping container
  • Don’t stack heavy items on top of mushrooms
  • Quickly rinse just before use.